AMFI stock category rejig: Paytm, Bandhan Bank can get downgraded to midcap

  • December 15, 2022

In its upcoming semi-annual list of stocks, Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is highly likely to downgrade and One 97 Communication ( Paytm) from largecap to midcap category, according to a report by .

The AMFI rejig will majorly be classified by size, taking into account data from July to December 2022. This period saw rising valuations as the Indian equity market rose by over 5% with Nifty and Sensex at record highs.

Digital financial services firm One 97 Communication, parent company of Paytm which got listed last year, recently announced the approval of buyback of shares worth up to Rs 850 crore. The company has a liquidity of Rs 9,182 crore, as per its last earnings report. Shares of the company rose 5% on Thursday, whereas it has fallen 61% year-to-date.

Paytm and Bandhan Bank are among six stocks with a high probability to get downgraded to midcap category.

Whereas the report said stocks that are likely to see upgrades from mid- to large-size and small- to mid-size are largely from cyclical sectors such as — industrials, banks and discretionary consumption.

The report suggested that bank stocks, especially PSUs, which have significantly outperformed over H2CY22, are likely to observe significant improvement in market-cap size ranking within their respective categories (large, mid, and small).

“However, they have not been able to jump categories (small to mid, and mid to large) in large numbers and have only been able to improve their rank within a size category,” it said.


From mid- to large-cap
Stocks such as

, ABB and , which rallied up to 45% over the lower limit, have a high probability to get upgraded to the large-cap category.

upgarde mid to largeETMarkets.com

Source: Capitaline, Bloomberg, I-Sec research

From small- to mid-cap
Stocks such as , Metro Brands, , Fine Organic, ZF Commercial, , and might get upgraded to mid-cap category. The stocks have jumped up to 41% over the lower limit.

Upgarde small to midETMarkets.com


From large- to mid-cap
Stocks such as Piramal Enterprise, , Mphasis, Bandhan Bank, One 97 Communications and have plunged up to 43% below their lower limit and have a high probability to get downgraded.

Downgrade large to midETMarkets.com

Source: Capitaline, Bloomberg, I-Sec research

From mid to small
, Chambal Fertilizer, Indian Energy Ex, , and Financial Services are 35% below their lower limits.

Downgrade mid to smallETMarkets.com

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