What Riggs plans to do on “The Big Money Show”


A.J. Katz of TVNewser interviewed Fox Business anchor Taylor Riggs about her new show “The Big Money Show” and her recent switch from Bloomberg News.

What are your biggest takeaways your time at Bloomberg that will help you at FBN?

Bloomberg helped me hone a lot of my financial skills, and I think the pivot for me will be taking away all of those smart ideas and “inside baseball” conversations we were having, and now translate it into a relatable show for our audience. I felt like so often the markets or finance or economics weren’t accessible to everyone. And so how do we [solve] that? I spent those nine years honing those skills, and I’m excited to be able to help share that with our audience.

What does your role as a CFA bring to business TV reporting?

I think you kind of go through that hazing process of the CFA Charter process, and it is all about learning about the fundamentals of that company — how did they bring in revenue? Where did they spend that money? What’s the bottom line? How do they make a profit? How are they generating cash?

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